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'The Big Three' Become Four

Yahoo has been knocked out of the race and two new competitors have stepped up. The original 'Big Three', being Google, Yahoo and Bing, have now become four, Yahoo having been replaced by Facebook and Apple. They are now part of the team dominating the Internet. Yes, that's right, Apple is now known as 'The Master Business Model'. None of this is much surprise to anyone. The addictive devices have burst through the roof in the last five years leaving all of us, even non Apple users, to be amazed by the constant updates. We have to admit that their effort is outstanding and even if we sometimes think that some of those updates are ridiculous, we give them a chance and end up pleasantly surprised. There is a reason they are so popular and that has gained Apple its place at the top of the leader board.

It does not come as much of a surprise that Facebook has joined the party as the last few years have been such a success for them. They are being referred to as 'The Social Media Giant'. There is no denying that Facebook has not only become a huge percentage of online usage for personal reasons, but businesses are all using it too. Some might dispute Facebook as being part of 'The Big Four' but when it is measured by how much the social network is used every day, there are really no two ways about it.

Google is still standing strong and I don't think that it will be losing its title any time soon. 'The Patriarch of Search Engines' as it has been called, is without a doubt the most popular one. If you don't know an answer to something, you don't say 'go onto your search engine later and look it up', do you? No, the phrase 'Google it' is widely used around the globe, proving its popularity. We've all said it.

And yes, last but apparently not least, Bing is still part of the gang. Despite a few early problems, people seem to have warmed to the idea of it and have begun using the search engine more and more confidently. It is after all Microsoft's default search engine, so it would make sense to be loyal to it. It may still be losing a few points as there seemed to have been an issue with Facebook. It is still unclear as to what it was exactly but it involved them no longer using Bing for their search products. All this aside, Bing has developed a few product lines of its own, and even with them not being as precise as Google's you can still find Bing Ads and Bing Places for Business.

The Internet is becoming an unpredictable place moving at the pace that it is, but at the same time it feels exciting. A few years ago Apple had only just introduced the use of apps and now it is recognised as one of the most successful contributions to the online world. The Big Four might well be a term we have to get used to hearing.

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