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The Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for Breaking News

In so many ways social media has made things accessible to us that we use in our everyday life, and this includes the news. I know people do still read newspapers, of course, but many of us have apps that allow us to have a 24/7 access to all that is happening in the world as we speak. Twitter plays a big part in this and there are accounts made specifically for breaking news. We thought it might be a good idea to share a few if ever you feel like being amongst the first to hear.

The number one account so far is NBC's @BreakingNews account. It currently has a little over 8 million followers. It tweets as soon as possible and keeps us up to date. They clearly got in there before anyone else with a name like that. It does exactly what is says on the tin, that's for sure. They have linked accounts with @BreakingNewsTech and @BreakingNewsMoney who are more specifically orientated.

Right alongside them is the @BBCBreaking who cover global news to a similar extent. They actually have a few more followers than @BreakingNews with 18.5 million, but who's counting.

For a more social approach to the news, @BuzzFeedNews is probably a good choice for you. Unfortunately there has been so much upsetting news lately that it has clearly been difficult for them to put a twist on much. But amongst the more serious posts, BuzzFeed have still managed to fit in a few more light hearted ones.

@ABCNewsLive stream videos to accompany their breaking news posts. This is a particularly good one if you need a visual counterpart to understand the whole situation. This doesn't mean that you only understand pictures, it's just a more relaxed and simpler way to take in the information. Although, with all the terrible news there has been, I'm not sure how enjoyable their videos have been.

For those who are a little more business oriented, @WSJbreakingnews is most likely the one you should start following. They report the news but with a bit more of a focus on the business and economic aspects of it. This can be especially helpful for research projects, or if you simply have a particular interest in the matter, it is still recommended to keep up to date with them and their other 362 thousand followers.

There are more accounts that I could have listed but it becomes a question of preference. Another account linked to NBC is @BreakingNewsStorm allowing you to get live updates of the weather, which I am sure is very popular in certain American states. These accounts are all on point when it comes to posting breaking news and if you'd like to be part of the action you'd better get following.

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