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#SpiritDay - Stand Up For The Anti-Bullying Campaign With GLAAD

The 15th of October was the day dedicated to stand up to bullying. It is unfortunately still such a common thing and GLAAD created this campaign in 2010 hoping to raise more awareness of the facts. There is still a huge amount of dislike and misunderstanding of LGBT and they want to put an end to it.

Caitlyn Jenner was amongst those showing their support on social media, starting from the week end.
She posed with a placard that read 'I took the pledge, now it's your turn' on Instagram earlier this week. Her daughters have also been supportive as they have been wearing the colour purple which was chosen to represent the campaign as it is the sympol of 'spirit' on the rainbow flag. Well, Kylie wore it on her lips, and it was blue for #BlueShirtDay which is another stand up to bullying campaign. Nonetheless, she is standing up to bullying alongside Caitlyn and doing it in style.

People all over the globe are going purple with their clothes, their make up and their profile pictures.
Even CNBC News posted a video showing the world how their International team decided to spend the day.
Pretty Little Liars fans will be pleased to hear that the cast are also supportive of #SpiritDay and Ashley Benson has explained why she would be wearing purple to support the day.

Tweets are encouraging people to take to social media to show their support but also to wear purple, in whichever shape or form may suit them. This day will keep going every year until LGBT community are longer be targeted by bullying.

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