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#SongbirdStories: The Rest from the Nest of #SocialMedia

The weekend is upon us once more and brings with it our latest edition of Songbird Stories, our weekly roundup of all the social media chatter we have yet to mention. So, let's get started shall we?

Instagram Advert Quality Takes a Nosedive

When Instagram first launched their advertising service, many users were sceptical. This stemmed from fears that their feeds would become clogged up with the same generic, banner-ad imagery you see on just about every other site, a stark contrast to the creative imagery the network is known for. Initially, Instagram managed to effectively ensure that the ads were real photos, in-keeping with the existing style of the app, but no more. Users have voiced their disappointment as ads such as the iPhone ad from Sprint (featured) started appearing, just as generic and bland as those ads seen on Google search pages and the like.

IHOP Cause Controversy with 'Racy' Tweet

IHOP have received praise in the not too distant past for the way they manage their social media presence. Making use of slang and posting in a form that sounds like a teenager's ramblings has worked well for them, with their tweets and posts garnering plenty of attention. Unfortunately for them however, they have now proven, via a distasteful joke about breasts, that they're yet to completely perfect their strategy. Infuriated users have made their disapproval known as IHOP crept over the line. The tweet in question, pictured below, showed a stack of pancakes and included the caption "flat but has a GREAT personality", which many people see as sexist, misogynistic and generally a little too racy to be posted on an account whose followers include teens and youngsters.


Jack Dorsey Gifts Workers Millions of His Own Shares

In last weeks feature we talked about Twitter laying off up to 350 of their employees following Jack Dorsey becoming CEO. The latest development concerns Dorsey's attempt to appease those who remain. In a move that I highly commend, Dorsey have gifted nearly $200 million worth of his own shares. That equates to one third of Dorsey's shares and 1% of the company as a whole.

Disney Announce Live-Streaming Plans to Compete with Netflix and Amazon

Business Insider
With online streaming services becoming big business and the leading players now competing with, or in some cases beating, conventional TV channels in terms of viewing figures, it comes as no surprise that Disney has decided to get in on the action. Disney Life, as the service will be named, will house most of Disney's beloved films, books and songs, with a couple of glaring exceptions. Films from the Marvel franchise will not be included, likely due to the deal already signed with Netflix. You can see why they've done this, but it seems like a strange move from Disney not to make full use of one of its largest franchises. The one that really baffles me though is the decision to exclude Star Wars films, both old and new, from the service, especially with the new trilogy set to initiate a new wave of Star Wars mania. Regardless of these doubts, the service is set to go ahead with subscriptions priced at £9.99 per month.

iOS 9.1 Update Adds New Emoji

The iOS 9.1 update has landed, bringing with it the usual mix of bug fixes and minor changes. Users are getting somewhat excited, however, about the addition of 184 new emoji. The new range is based on a list set by the Unicode Consortium, which aims to standardise the characters available across all operating systems. The list includes many of the most called-for emoji such as the middle finger, nerd face, champagne and unicorn, as well as religious symbols, animals and sports equipment.

Pathologist Causes Outrage on Instagram

Instagram is a weird and wonderful place, where everybody is a model and food is revered in an almost deity-like fashion. It does, unfortunately, get even weirder from time to time. Nicole Angemi, a pathologist and Instagram enthusiast, has taken to posting real, gruesome autopsy photos online, which has naturally caused a fair measure of controversy. The pictures, which are too graphic to include here, include severed limbs, miscarried babies, stabbing victims and dissections. Angemi insists that she posts the photos in order to educate people about her field of work, but as most of the pictures are posted without permission from the families of the deceased, this has prompted serious debate over the ethics of what she is doing. Myself, I'm inclined to agree that, without permission, they should not be posted. What if someone stumbled upon a loved one as they flicked through the gallery? I hate to imagine the distress such an occurrence would cause.

Pepsi Blunder with 'Pepsi Perfect' Campaign

Fox News
More Back to the Future news as Pepsi brought to life the iconic 'Pepsi Perfect' range featured in the 1989 hit film to tie in with Back to the Future Day earlier this week. Unfortunately, due to a failure to properly announce the date and time the bottles would become available, Pepsi have succeeded in angering their customer base. It stands to reason, given the fact that Marty arrived in 2015 on the 21st of October, that the associated drink would launch on that date. This was all fans had to go on in the build up to the sale as Pepsi neglected to provide any further information. So, people were outraged when they logged on at 12:01am ready to place their order, only to discover that the bottles had actually gone on sale the previous day and had already sold out. This is a mistake that should have, and could have, been easily avoided. In an attempt to recover, Pepsi have now announced that a further 6500 bottles will go on sale on November 3rd at 6am PT.

Facebook's New 'Search FYI' Feature

Announced on Thursday, Search FYI marks Facebook's latest attempt to make their search function more useful and relevant to their users. According to Facebook, the update will allow users to "find out what the world is saying about topics that matter to you". Typing into the search box will now provide live, personalised results, posts from friends will be listed alongside relevant public posts and public conversations are also to be added to search. Facebook is hoping that these new features will help to tie together all relevant content in order to improve user experience. Of course, you can still only see posts shared either with you or publicly, and you can easily change your own settings to dictate who sees your own posts.
Facebook Newsroom

Crowdfunding Holidays, Hen-Dos and Gap Years

Crowdfunding is nothing new. From video games to films to businesses, countless endeavours have only achieved success, or even production, due to crowdfunding on sites such as Kickstarter. These projects receive donations because they provide something in return. Now, a new form of crowdfunding has emerged. Sites such as Fund My Travel and Patchwork Present allow users to request donations from friends and family to fund a trip or holiday. It seems like a strange concept to me, but thousands have signed up for these services and they continue to grow at a steady rate. Its a nice gesture, to help someone get away for a break, but the person asking for such charity still strikes me as odd.


Airbnb Reveal Star Wars Themed Properties

Ever since Ross Noble and Brian Cox appeared on QI and discussed the prospect of smashing Ewoks in a lake of liquid farts I've wanted to holiday in the Star Wars Universe. After many long years of waiting, that dream could now become a reality, sort of. Following the release of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, Airbnb have begun to showcase their portfolio of Star Wars themed properties. Many seem to be based on Tatooine, the iconic sand-covered planet that serves as home to Luke Skywalker throughout his early years. There are also apartment buildings in Tokyo based on the endless skyscrapers of Coruscant, the Republic Capital and residence of the Galactic Senate, as well as bamboo houses in Bali that resemble the forest moon of Endor, home of the Ewoks. If none of those take your fancy, head over to Khao Yai, Thailand to stay in your own mini Death Star. Combine this idea with the crowdfunded holidays mentioned above and you're all set!

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