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#SongbirdStories: The Rest From The Nest of #SocialMedia

Yes, it's that time of the week again when we look back and talk about all those little things that escaped us this week. We have a little bit of everything from the #FreeTheNipple campaign on Instagram to an American basically praising the British. Let's have a look.

Instagram Blame Apple For Banning #FreeTheNipple


Because of its 12+ rating, Instagram has to be strict about anything from pornographic showings, even down to showing a nipple. The campaign #FreeTheNipple was banned and Apple are being accused of causing it. Apple are also strict about what can and can't be featured in apps, and Instagram want to keep their 12+  rating therefore any explicit content must be taken down. If they were to to up their rating which would reduce their audience, then Instagram would be allowed to retain the posts. However, Apple are being accused of making a big deal out of Instagram but not Twitter when the social network has a rating of 4+ and still allows highly explicit content. The #FreeTheNipple campaign has even been supported by certain celebrities, who's pictures still managed to remain on Instagram for nearly a day before being removed. All in all, Apple may need to rethink what they are allowing in their app store before banning apps that may not mean any harm.

Introducing 'Moment's On Twitter

The latest feature on Twitter is allowing even the newest of members to have access to trending stories without having to follow them. The feature previously named Project Lightening has finally launched as 'Moments' and you can find on the app by clicking on the lightening bolt. Once you have accessed it, you will be able to be up to speed with the most popular posts. Product manager Madhu Muthukumar has described it as "the best of what's happening on Twitter in an instant". This has emerged just days before new CEO Jack Dorsey took over, giving us good reason to believe that this is just one of many improvements to come, helping Twitter to spread it's wings and fly high again.

Facebook Allow you To Draw On Uploaded Pictures


For a while already we have been able to edit the photographs we upload to Facebook and now we can even draw on them. It seems to be a similar system to Snapchat where the choice of colour and what you will draw is only limited to your imagination. Doodle is the new feature allowing you to choose not only the colour but the size of the brush you would like to use. It will pop up amongst the other choices on your screen. Doodle should be available on both iOS and Android without an update. Just check it out next time you feel like adding a moustache to someone's face why not.

Instagram Reveals The Top 5 Followers


To celebrate it's 5th anniversary, Instagram has revealed the five accounts with the most followers. These won't be much of a surprise to many.
#5 Ariana Grande with 45 million followers
#4 Selena Gomez with 46.3 million followers
#3 Beyonce with 47.5 millions followers
#2 Kim Kardashian with 48.4 million followers
#1 Taylor Swift hit 50 million followers just yesterday!

American Man's Post About Britain Goes Viral

I was in England again a few weeks ago, mostly in small towns, but here's some of what I noticed:* Almost everyone is...
Posted by Scott Waters on jeudi 24 septembre 2015

66 year old Scott Waters had visited Britain for the 4th time when he made the decision to list all the the observations he'd had about the country. Having read it myself, it did make me smile as some of the statements are without a doubt true and others made me notice things I may not have otherwise. What I did also notice is the repetition of "There are no guns" in the long list. He seemed pleasantly surprised and satisfied by Britain and was shocked when the post went viral, being shared over 75 000 times. In an interview he explains where he had been staying and a few more things he had enjoyed like eating "real Cornish pasties!". His sense of humour really showed in his post as he isn't mocking but certainly emphasising the few funny habits that us Brits may have. He says "Cake is pudding, ice cream is pudding, anything served for dessert is pudding, even pudding." He was clearly impressed by the time we dedicate to pudding.

Expansion Of Buyable Pins On Pinterest


Pinterest has now paired with three new commerce platforms hoping to expand the concept of Buyable Pins. Sicne its launch in June it has been relatively successful, now showing 60 million pins. The issue is that there are still more regular pins that they are buyable, meaning that Pinterest are having to be tactful about their new expansion. Opening up to new big brands can only mean more possibilities of wanting to sell on the social network. It would seem that the appearance on Pinterest is really helping certain merchants as the percentage of sales on there is representing an important chunk of their sales overall. Buyable Pins are becoming the new way to shop online, and with a bit of a boost it really could take off and become quite popular.

Forbes Takes Down Article Saying There Is No Diversity Problem In Silicon Valley


After Forbes unintentionally caused an argument about whether or not it was acceptable to say that there was 'no diversity crisis in Silicon Valley', they were asked to remove the article. Journalist Brian S. Hall claimed that the tech industry was doing just fine, and having enough proof of that there was no need to go out of their way to hire women for example. This caused a huge uproar over the fact that recent campaigns have been made, hoping to encourage companies to do just the opposite, supporting all the people who are being turned down for jobs due to their gender, living conditions or nationality. Forbes explained that the article was never meant to discriminate or mean anything bad for that matter, but Hall was simply stating that it does not need anymore help as of now as all is running perfectly smoothly. Despite the what seemed like a sincere reason, Forbes was decided to remove the article and Hall will not be writing for them anymore.   

Messenger On Apple Watch


A smaller version for a smaller device. Messenger has finally been launched on the watches after talk of it in September. Although you cannot type full responses it is ideal for the short, quick message that you just need to send. The use of stickers is of course available, it is most likely even going to be one of it's best features as the screen is not fit for a long message. The stickers won't however be the GIF ones available on your phone or computer, but nonetheless, they are available. Instagram was the first Facebook related app to appear on the Apple Watch, but messenger will hopefully be a success too. Voice messages are probably your best bet when using the app, and you can even find it on your Android Wear too, so anyone with the gear can just speak into their watch and send short messages through it. We are still waiting on a full version of Facebook but we might have to wait just a little longer as the idea is a bit more complex. 

Richard Gere Went Undercover As A Homeless Man 

"When I went undercover in New York City as a homeless man, no one noticed me. I felt what it was like to be homeless...
Posted by Richard Gere on jeudi 8 octobre 2015

The successful actor challenged himself this week as he made the decision to spend the day in disguise as a homeless man. He has experienced a lot in one day as he has walked away feeling a little different. After having found out what being homeless feels like he offered money to homeless people around the city. The post has been shared over 50 000, as I'm sure many people can relate to his experience, having possibly been homeless themselves. He insists we shouldn't take things for granted and, when we can, help those who need it most. This is the type of thing that reminds us that despite their fame and fortune, celebrities are human too, and most will do good where they can. 

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