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Social Media Etiquette for Weddings and Births - What Should You Post?

It is always so exciting to hear about the arrival of a new born baby or the announcement of an engagement. Even if you have just attended a wedding and taken hundreds of photographs it is important to know what to post and when to refrain from it. It is true that in our day and age when either one of the above happens, it has to be followed up by a courtesy "don't put anything on Facebook just yet". It is important to understand the rights of that news or the photographs that you have taken.

There was a scandal recently involving the DJ posting photographs after a wedding he had played at, causing the official photographer to angrily respond. She had accused him of not doing his job properly and stepping on other people's feet. Ken Rochon, the DJ in question, had taken a few photos during the celebrations, from various angles hoping to promote his business, Umbrella Syndicate, which is in fact a social media firm that he happens to be the founder of. It must be noted that he never mentioned the bride or groom's surnames and he had their permission to upload the 200 or so pictures.

Despite this, the evening's official photographer caught people liking and sharing the photographs, leading her back to his page and claimed that he had no rights to them. She went on to say that her contract did not allow anyone but herself to take photos. Outraged she states "You have no idea how bad this is for the industry." Although he had the authorisation, the bride and groom may not have realised what an impact this would have had on their original photographer.

This is just one of many examples, some even more personal. Social media works so fast that it is necessary we remember that it might not be our place to post things before the people involved. This does not mean that everyone asks for discretion. Some encourage people to post at weddings, as long as they do so with the hashtag of the hosts choice on Twitter or Instagram for example. They ask to use this so that all the photographs are shared officially and carefully. The photos are still public, but are all contained within one big group.

Photographs are personal, and some feel very strongly about who should get to see what and when. It is completely understandable, our lives have become so public that we have to protect at least some of our privacy when we can. So before you rush to post that photograph of you holding your new baby cousin, or even that selfie you took dancing Gangnam Style at the wedding, and unless they say otherwise, always let the new parents or bride and groom have the pleasure of announcing the good news or sharing their magical day first.

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