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#Snapchat Asking For Up To $700,000 A Day For #Sponsored #Lenses

The latest Snapchat feature has only been launched a month and has already hit up to 16 million viewers a day. The filters allow users to spit rainbows most famously but other lenses include your head producing fireworks, and smoke to come out of your ears. The popular lenses are on their way to making Snapchat a huge profit.

According to the daily usage, the company are asking sponsors to pay an appropriate amount towards the popular feature. This sum is believed to be $700,000. There is an estimated 12 million viewers from Friday to Saturday alone, meaning that the new lenses are in constant use. The popular feature is slowly becoming more and more appealing to advertisers, giving Snapchat a chance to develop its market.

If different types of advertisers were to invest this could mean big money for Snapchat. Considering the success of the latest filters, new companies could without a doubt develop the nature of Lenses. What Snapchat hope to do, however, is use the profit to develop slightly more laid back features resembling those of Facebook or Twitter. They might decide to launch a possibility of liking a snap for example. Whatever they decide on, it will be a good investment on their part. Previous funding already shows how Snapchat could be making a profit and will hopefully be using it to its advantage.

The funky filters are attracting millions of users and it is only a matter of time until more are released. This could be the best thing that has happened to Snapchat so far and advertisers are more than likely to keep investing. Lenses has been a huge success, well they are certainly more effective when they work properly, but hey, it adds another feel to it.

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