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#SmarterQueue #App - #Scheduling Posts With A Twist

Isn't it great when you have finished your work for the day and it has even been scheduled to be posted? Well how about an app that even categorises it for you? SmarterQueue has yet to be launched but its founders are adamant that it will make all our lives that bit easier.

There are already existing apps such as HootSuite that are used to schedule your social media posts. However, SmarterQueue promises a bit more than just a planned time. It will sort your posts and separate them into categories, allowing you to release all your similar content in one go. Better still, the app is just smart enough not to strictly have different corners for things as you can plan to mix them in with other groups of content, allowing a variety of posts but in an orderly fashion.

Its objective is to make our life simpler. By creating categorised queues, we will have nothing to do but wait for the posts to go live. There will be no need for any more manual scheduling or having to re set posts. This will originally be available on Facebook and Twitter but they are hoping to expand their market to Linkedin, Google+ and Instagram amongst many others.

The app is in beta testing at the moment but SmarterQueue are encouraging businesses to sign up and try it out while it is still free, helping them to decide whether or not they think it will be an asset to their company. In our day and age, anything that involves social media to promote a business is going to be useful. Reflecting on one of my more recent posts, even Snapchat is now being used for business. This is hopefully going to be a new and easy way to make your scheduling routine better, using social media correctly and efficiently.

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