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New Vivino Update Perfectly Pairs Wine and Candy for Halloween


You may be under the impression that Halloween is just for kids. And who would blame you, what with the predictable barrage of costumed children, armed with an insatiable greed, who year upon year beg at your doorstep on the one day it is socially acceptable.

No reason for thinking that now. Because you can get in on the Halloween fun as a fully-fledged adult by using the Vivino app to check which wines most compliment your favourite treats in the second update of the year to their Candy and Wine Match Maker feature. Billed as a "Halloween survival guide for adults," the chart features confectionery marvels Starburst, Skittles, Nerds and some chocolately treats too in a bid to finally harmonise your taste buds in a sweet, alcoholic symphony.

"Halloween is so focused on kids, but there are parents out there. And I'm sure that some of them wouldn't mind having a glass of wine," Vivino's VP of marketing Stephen Favrot told Adweek.

The Vivino team tried the combinations first hand through a trial and error system which no doubt left them with slightly bulging waistlines and quite sore heads - a small price to pay for the luxury of being able to eat sweets and drink wine in the office I'm sure.

Their extensive research led to findings that suggest that a Twix is best enjoyed with a bold red, whereas Wonka's Nerds are more suited to sparkling wines, such a glass of prosecco or champagne.

CEO and founder Heini Zachariassen told The Huffington Post the latest help chart relays a wider message about the company.

"Our candy and wine match maker is a fun way for our users to learn and talk about wine in a way that feels relatable and fun. Besides, Halloween is scary enough, we don't think picking a wine needs to be," he said.

So whether you're enjoying a glass, a bottle or a magnum to get you through the Halloween festivities, consult the chart when choosing the perfect treat to accompany it!

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