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New 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Lands and the Internet Loses its Mind

The force has awoken (sorry, couldn't resist) with the much-anticipated release of the latest trailer for the upcoming Star Wars film and, as you can imagine, the reaction has been astounding. Websites have crashed, Twitter has entered a frenzy and fans the world over have nothing else on their mind. I wish I could say that I'm above such media hype, but no. I instantly reverted back to being a child along with the rest of my fellow Star Wars geeks. Mandalore himself couldn't keep me away. Judging from their reactions posted online, stars Daisy Ridley and John Boyega are pretty excited about it too.

The reaction is hardly surprising, given the amount of buzz around the latest instalment in the beloved franchise, but it does seem that some were unprepared. Since the trailer's release and cinema tickets becoming available to book online, various cinema websites and apps have reported crashes due to overloaded servers, with both Odeon and Picturehouse reporting problems caused by "unprecedented demand". It didn't take long for complaints to start stacking up on Twitter after that. Other cinemas did seem to fair better though. After selling 10,000 tickets in just 90 minutes, a representative from Vue stated that "our customers continue to purchase online with ease".

Anyway, back to the trailer. Set 30 years after the original trilogy, we see a galaxy where the Jedi and Sith have become little more than rumour or legend, new heroes emerge in the form of Rey, Finn and Poe, Kylo Ren provides and all-new threat and old heroes come back into focus. Providing a solid mix of both nostalgia and childish excitement, the film shows a high level of promise in these early days before release.

Of all the new elements we have seen so far, the one that has me most excited has to be Kylo Ren. His appearance, particularly his mask, seems to draw direct inspiration from Star Wars' most badass character, and my personal favourite of all time, Darth Revan, which cannot be a bad thing. With the lines between Republic and Empire less black-and-white than in the original trilogy, he could provide an intriguing antagonist, which will be much needed when trying to appease the Vader-loyalists who will not easily be won over be a new villain.

There is definitely still some Vader influence in there, as both Renn's monologue and the cut to the battered remains of Vader's helmet seem to suggest some form of idolisation. The debate still rages on over his new lightsaber design, but I'm going to reserve judgement on that one until I've seen it in action.

Kylo Renn (Left) & Darth Revan (Right) - YouTube.com

A wealth of hashtags with accompanying hashflags have sprung up on Twitter to tie in with the release, including; #StarWars & #MillenniumFalcon (which present you with, you guessed it, the Millennium Falcon), #Xwing & #LightSide (obviously, an X-wing fighter), #TheForceAwakens & #BB8 (a BB8 droid head) and #TIEFighter & #DarkSide (do I really need to tell you?), as well as #C3PO, #StormTrooper and #KyloRen, which each show the character in question.

Unfortunately, as with anything online, there is always someone out to cause a controversy and this event is no different. In what seems to be a follow-up to the earlier disapproval of a black stormtrooper, the hashtag #BoycottStarWarsVII has started trending, accusing the new film of including "anti-white propaganda".

This is clearly nonsense, and some sources are reporting that the hashtag started out as a joke designed to poke fun at complaints made by the black community about the lack of diversity in major productions, but that doesn't make some of the sentiments being shared any easier to stomach. Most of the world, however, have a little more sense, with many people praising the inherently awful hashtag for guaranteeing them a peaceful cinema trip devoid of all the racist idiots. A fair point well made. Even J.J Abrams himself replied to the growing hashtag.

By this point, unless you've spent the last few months with your head buried in a Tatooine sand-dune, it's unlikely that you've managed to miss the new trailer, but just in case, you can see it in all its glory below.

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