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Mystery Appearance By Tom Hanks On Reddit

At least a year since he last used the account, Tom Hanks has taken it upon himself to reappear on Reddit for the day and answer a few fan questions. For all of you sceptical to the fact, yes, it is him, on that same year old account. He clearly had a little bit of time on his hands as he started to reply to questions asked about him, including sharing how he hates reality TV with a passion.

Tom Hanks' last appearance on Reddit was for an Ask Me Anything forum about his film Captain Phillips, the same way most people use the social network. Being the lovely guy he is, he wasn't afraid to have a bit of fun the other day, opening up about a few fun facts, not only about his unusual fear of the blockbuster Alien but also sharing a few tips he uses whilst filming. He explained how it can take him up to 3 days to complete a full ADR on a film. This answer was following the question 'Tell us a little known fact to the job'. Additional Dialogue Replacement is extremely precise and you have to be patient he explains. To someone like me, that's quite interesting.

'- What's your favourite theme song from a TV show?'
- From the first season of True Detective: The Handsome Family. I can't get it out of my soul!'

That was one of my favourites. He can't just get it out of his head, but out of his soul! That enthusiasm is contagious. Surely he has other things to do than hang around on Reddit for the day? Is he not in the middle of filming his latest drama? I thought so anyway. I know that this has brightened more than just our days here at the office and people are hoping that these appearances will be a regular thing as it has put a smile on all our faces. After all the devastating things that have happened this last week, it's nice to be able to write about something a little more light hearted. Big time movie star taking the time to answer a few personal questions, and does it in style, what's not to love?

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