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Meet Baddie Winkle - The 87 Year Old Instagram Sensation

Over a year ago now, Helen Van Winkle of her official name, claimed fame on Instagram after her great-granddaughter Kennedy Lewis posted a picture of her which had an unexpected reaction from the public.
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Baddie Winkle, as known on Instagram, has since aquired 1.7 million followers who include celebrities such as Miley Cyrus andf Gwen Stefani. Most say they want to be like her when they are old. She has inspired them by posting all sorts of pictures of her, wearing various outfits, and promoting her madness. These posts of hers can even make her up to $5,000. I'm sure she's not in it for the money, but why not be a little crazy AND make some cash.

She began her working life alongside engineers, ordering the gauges for machines in Kentucky, where she was born in 1928. She says that she was always very active and never shy which clearly allows her to feel so at ease today. She may have been working in a factory for nearly 30 years but her family have described as such a caring and loving woman. She is very family orientated and 'she was always there' said granddaughter Dawn Lewis. She has actually been the one to assist her grandmother through the stages of fame, helping her organise her attendance to events. Events in fact that include walking the Red Carpet at the MTV Music Awards and attending the Season 3 premiere of Orange Is The New Black.
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Unfortunately under all those smiles and poses lies a woman who has lived through so much loss, after her husband passed away after a car crash on their 35th anniversary and 16 years ago, her son died of bone cancer too. But Baddie Winkle was not going to stop living, 'I lost my husband and my son, and I got tired of grieving so, I reinvented me' she said. She explains that she was always 'feisty' and her tag line certainly reflects that. 'Stealing your man since 1928'. Now if that isn't sassy I don't know what is. If you can imagine your Grandma saying things like that, then you have one cool Grandma. I know I do! And that is exactly what Baddie Winkle is. She has not let her age get in the way, she is still living her life despite the loss and enjoying every moment she does have with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren even. Certainly something to look up to.

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