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#McDonald's Mass #Marketing for the All-Day #McMuffin


That's right folks. The time is upon us. As of the 6th October, McDonald's has bestowed upon humanity its greatest gift: their round-the-clock breakfast menu.

To compliment this monumental advance in the fast food revolution, McDonalds have been going whole hog with their social media assault, spreading the news of all-day McMuffins like some cholesterol-ravaging apostle.

The aforementioned campaign, brought partly to us by the Leo Burnett advertising company, has spread across multi-channel platforms in order to fully pervade the attention span and appetite of the US nation. The carbohydrate crusade have centralised much of this on the positive social media reaction, particularly on Twitter, to the news earlier this month. This has included three short video 'spots' whereby the ecstatic outcries of Twitterers are read out by expressionless actors. As Leo Burnett eloquently puts it, "the spots juxtapose a dramatic violin concerto with monotonous dry readings of over-the-top tweets like “wuuuuuuuuuuuut?! guess who’s having McDonald’s brkfast for dinner 2night.” Genius. Feast your eyes:-

Not only this, McDonald's have also been using Twitter to promote the tweet #AllDayBreakfast with some fun GIFs:

Burrell, ALMA and IW Group are working on multicultural efforts for TV, radio and digital. This latest marketing ploy is hoped to improve the poorest sales and traffic the fast-food giant has seen in ten years. So far, there has definitely been a buzz, as Twitter alone proves-

However, users are already taking to the micro-blogging site to express their despair at some of the limitations of the new menu:-

Guess you can't please everyone. In the UK, it seems the question on everyone's lips is when will we get our slice of the cake (or hash brown, whatever). And there are no indications we will be seeing this tears-of-joy-inducing day any time soon. *Sobs*

McDonalds haven't just been using social media to promote their latest offering - they also implement it to debunk theories that damage their brand, such as the production of their chicken nuggets and source of their fries. In fact, if you visit the fast food company's YouTube channel, you will be greeted with a myriad of videos that you could spend a whole day pawning over (if you're into that kind of thing).

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