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Mark Zuckerberg May Have Just Ended the Facebook Game Requests War

We've all nearly unfriended someone from Facebook because of receiving so many Candy Crush requests, have we not? Petitions and rants have arisen many a time and even memes have been created for the occasion translating the frustration. Ever since the game was launched people have asked, or demanded should I say, for the possibility of getting rid of the game requests once and for all. Mark Zuckerberg has in fact been in India over the last few days where he has been planning on conducting a town hall Q&A in Delhi's Indian Institute of Technology. 

The question of how to stop getting Candy Crush invites was top of the list on his feed after being liked thousands of times. Of course Zuckerberg took it as a priority and said 'I sent a message to the person in charge of the developer platform to get rid of the issue'. He confirmed that although it was not originally a top priority, it is now after seeing the users urge to stop receiving these annoying requests.

There may be many users of the game, but even as one myself, I cannot stand receiving the constant invitations to play the game. I'M ALREADY PLAYING. Zuckerberg is making the right move by doing what he can to keep his users happy and allow them to play peacefully, or not be ambushed into playing at all. 'This is where the town hall Q&A's are useful' he laughed. He's hopeful that this is the way forward and he has realised how strongly his users feel about it so it only seems fair that the issue is resolved. He may not have the answer just yet but he is determined to find one, and in the meantime, he is reassuring us that he is on his way to finding a solution.

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