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#JKRowling Discredits #HarryPotter #FanTheories Via #Twitter

The Guardian

J.K Rowling, much-loved children's author and avid Twitterer, has gathered publicity on social media for her impromtu responses to fan's speculations regarding her most famous novels. 

Known for her eagerness to communicate with fans and reveal more about the world of Harry, J.K responded to those anxious questions such as: '"Is Draco a werewolf?" "Is Ron a time-travelling Dumbledore?", and perhaps most importantly, "What does Snape smell like?" 

And the answers are (drum roll please)..... No, no, and - ahem - "bitterness and old shoes". 

Rowling's digilent shutting-down of misplaced theories has caused some confrontation in itself. Some Twitter users argued in response that the author should leave some ambiguity to the books unanswered questions, whereas others defended her right as the author to put right the misinterpretations. 

Users of Disqus said the following:-

Rowling seems to be very against fan theories. Seriously let your fans have their theories without feeling the need to debunk them. That just sucks the fun out of things.

It helps everyone to learn more answers to questions settled by the only person entitled to settle them.

She's only answering people's questions. Can you imagine how great it would feel to have your favorite author respond to you on Twitter? That's what she's giving people. There's no reason for her to just ignore everyone.

Regardless of individual opinion, it is undeniable that J.K Rowling and her characters are still capturing the imagination of a generation.

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