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Jack Dorsey Reclaims His Throne as Twitter CEO


Just a few days ago there was still speculation of Jack Dorsey becoming, once again, CEO of Twitter. The co-founder is now back officially and intends to make the most of it. He has many plans ahead but at the top of the list is how he can make Twitter more appealing to the current users but also to those who are just starting out.

During his time as interim CEO, he has spent months improving small things like the number of characters available for a direct message to someone. He is aware that even most regular users still find Twitter somewhat confusing and wants to end that for good. His aim is to make Twitter much more accessible, broadening their audience. It is this undoubted commitment to the company and impressive leadership skills that got him the job and he amazed the board after going above and beyond what was expected of him as interim CEO.


This is just the beginning for Dorsey as he plans to develop more features similar to 'Moments' which launched earlier this week and is already proving to be effective. It allows people to see the current trends and the top stories all in one place and just at the click of a button. The development of the 'Buy Now' button is also on his list as he hopes to make it easier to use. He and his team are confident that it will be changes like these that will help Twitter's turnaround. After all, the whole concept of Twitter has not changed that much since its launch, so it is definitely time for a makeover.

He says 'No one is more determined than I am', confident that he will convince Twitter investors of the potential that the company still has. He has clearly been waiting for this for a long time and at last he can use his power to make some changes. It will not be easy, but he already knows that. The change may not need to be huge, but he knows what is right for Twitter at this point. We shall wait and see what else he decides to take on.

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