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Jack Dorsey Likely to be Named Permanent Twitter CEO

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So, after months of uncertainty, we're finally seeing some information about who might be taking up the permanent CEO position at Twitter, and it's looking like it will be Jack Dorsey. If that name sounds familiar, it's because he's already the interim CEO, and has been since Dick Costolo left. Or it might be because he actually co-founded the site. He is also founder and CEO of a mobile payments firm called Square, a position he will certainly be retaining, regardless of what happens with Twitter.

There aren't many people out there who pull double CEO duty, especially on that kind of scale, so if he does take on the position permanently it's probably fair to suggest that his workload will be a tad ridiculous. This is by no means confirmed, but sources indicate that the board are largely in support of Dorsey and with other top shelf positions being finalised, the chances of him getting the role seem pretty high. There has been talk of bringing in an outside candidate to fill the position, but no names have emerged and the whole thing feels like something of an afterthought, rather than an equally viable option.

The question you have to ask is, with all the pressure Twitter have been under from their investors to start sending up the black smoke, will they be satisfied with this decision? There has been some evidence to suggest a lack of faith in Dorsey, but that may well have been because everyone expected him to abdicate the throne within the next few months. The main reason Dorsey, despite having been a heavy favourite for the job since he took over in June, faced doubts was because of Square, people simply did not find the idea of someone acting as CEO for 2 IPOs at the same time plausible, but he clearly thinks he can handle it.

Of course, the largest source of investor pressure was the fact that Twitter simply has not been getting anything done since Costolo stepped down. The search for a new CEO has become synonymous with Twitter's most alarming downfall more or less since the site first came into being, with many of their most significant projects coming to a grinding halt with little to no explanation offered.

This has resulted in a significant loss of faith in many of the long-standing board members, which is why a lot of them aren't expected to survive the reshuffle. Costolo, for instance, retained his position as a director after stepping down as CEO, but he likely won't be around after this. The process has already started, veteran director of communications Gabriel Stricker was cut loose back in July. It's harsh, but such a drastic change of management will restore a lot of faith in Twitter and allow them to focus on important developments again, unhampered by outside pressure to make difficult decisions.

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