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#Instagram vs #Twitter - Has Twitter Found Its Match?

 Most people have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on the go but that can be difficult to manage some days. It would seem that people are keeping their followers up to date by posting the same one post on each social network to save time, maybe, but also emphasise what they are currently up to.

A study has shown  that 5 in 6 posts have appeared on Instagram before Twitter. This means that only 1 out of 6 posts with media are originally on Twitter. Looking at these results we can see that Twitter's media posts are more than likely already appearing on its potential competitor's network first. This is not good new for Twitter if Instagram are going to be the first to receive most posts. What is a little confusing however is Twitter's decision to leave tweets originating from Instagram with a link to the site rather than let the images appear. This is definitely causing users to be redirected to Instagram directly rather than remain on Twitter to look at the post.
The study carried out on keeping track of 20 accounts on Twitter revealed that both social networks were used differently but nonetheless, of the 68% of original tweets, 40% contained media and of those, 75% appeared on Instagram too. Put that way, it goes to show that a lot more posts are indeed shared between the platforms than expected. This huge percentage has lead us to think that maybe Twitter is losing its purpose a little despite its ability to do more things than Instagram. When we look at the number of posts just including media on Twitter, it comes to roughly the same amount of total posts on Instagram.

After a little bit of research I was able to find an example. Ariana Grande is extremely popular on Instagram, as is she on Twitter. She recently posted on both social networks and when you look closer, you can see the slight difference in the time of the posts.

A video posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on
Now Twitter is very popular, allowing people to post short tweets, interact with others by retweeting and post media and links but as mentioned earlier, they are refusing to let users view the Instagram posts there and then. You might have noticed this is the links above. Twitter has the ability to show the full image if they wanted but have chosen not to.

I suppose they are thinking that with the 500 million tweets a day, how is the 1% of them with links to Instagram going to do them any harm? Well it would seem that people are not taking the time to always create original tweets or Instagram posts which can lessen their value on the social networks if they appear on more than one. Approximately half of Instagram posts are on Twitter but somehow Twitter is still the one potentially losing its customers. Hopefully for them they will reconsider the appearance of Instagram posts rather than the link to the website which might increase their chances of remaining peacefully alongside Instagram, as they have done for so long already.

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