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Instagram: More Than Just Sharing Photos

You might not know it but Instagram has a few more features than it first lets on. Of course the platform is primarily a source for photographs and all of those weird and wonderful selfies but when you explore a little further you might find that it has a few more assets for you.

Are you thinking about your next trip but want to check out the view before hand? Well, it's not quite Google's view of the surroundings but with Instagram you have the possibility of having a quick look around the city and the views it has to offer. On the Explore screen you can search the place you are planning on vising and a load of matches to your search will come up, and then you should be spoilt for choice. Have a scout round the locations and see where you might want to pitch a tent or book your hotel for the best experience.

Another way to make the most of Instagram is by making yourself known and you can do that by creating a portfolio. You might as well use the network to its advantage and yes, share pictures, but in an orderly manner. This could maybe be useful if you are starting out in a company or are looking to be recognised. If people can get a sense of you from these pictures then you might well find that perfect job opportunity. This is probably a brilliant way for photographers to be discovered as it's a social environment but all your work is in one place for a potential employer to see.

Last but not least you can send direct messages to your followers and if you want to send a file or image to someone who is not yet a fan, your message will appear as a request when you first send the message. This means that you can send any photo and share files with anyone but with the discretion of direct messaging. IM on Instagram is available when you take a video or photograph but you can also find the direct messaging option on your homepage. There is the possibility of course of creating group chats too. It is just another way of sharing but without the whole world seeing it. 

So there you have it, a few alternative ways of using Instagram. Like all of the social platforms, there is always more to it. You can use all of them for business and leisure, and in our day and age it is important to use social media. So if you are looking to promote yourself it's the perfect way to do it. But of course you now know how to use it better for your own pleasure, checking out your next holiday destination and sending the pictures directly to your mates once you're there.

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