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How You Can Make Room for a New Social Network

With its 1.4 billion users, Facebook is without a doubt one of, if not the most successful social network out there. The question is will anyone benefit from the creation of a new social network taking into account the already existing combination of Twitter, Facebook and all the others?

There are already so many who have attempted a new launch but have unfortunately ended up on page 2 of Google. What needs to be considered, if you are keen on creating your own social network, is its usefulness. What will it bring that the giants of social media don't already?

An example of an upcoming network is the Twitter-owned Periscope. The use of videos is through the roof, given the advancements in mobile camera technology. I mean, you can practically record a full feature film on the new iPhone 6s. So Periscope decided to take advantage of that and what is does is allow you to witness action while it is actually happening. The live streaming app is still growing as it currently has 62 thousand followers in the year it has been live. There is something exciting about the use of Periscope as there are still many ways in which it could excel. We are still waiting to see how personal people will get with the streaming.

  • Your social network needs to be something that people haven't seen before. Sounds difficult, I know, but everyday new ideas emerge, you just need to be creative and original. Obviously I wouldn't recommend trying to compete with Facebook, for example as I can tell you now, chances are, it will either be a complete flop or you just won't achieve your expected goals. 
  • You want something that has the potential to develop and not just 'be'. Make it exciting and give it a purpose for your future followers.
  •  Look around, and pay attention to what others have to say. If you listen to what people around you are asking for, you might discover that you have just the way to make their lives that bit more simple or exciting. If you want it to be successful, it has to give us something that we don't already have access to.
Basically, be creative, definitely no copying existing networks and produce something that has room to grow. It needs to have its own space and the speed at which the internet and social media more specifically are developing means that there are new additions appearing almost on a daily basis, so my advice is this: you'd better get in there quick.

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