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How Far Will They Go? Transgender Woman Pushes the Boundaries of Social Media

It has only been a few months since Courtney Demone began taking her hormones. She has been posting the progress on social media, waiting for the day that she has developed enough for the social networks to censor the pictures.

Her experiment is to see what the actual boundaries of social media really are. The #FreeTheNipple campaign was extremely popular last week before most explicit pictures were removed of women showing their breasts. The debate is why are men allowed to have their nipples on show and not women? Of course the obvious answer to this is that, well, women's breasts are sexualised. The difficulty arises because women might not want them to be seen as only that.

Courtney Demone is still appearing physically as a man, but every day she will develop and keep posting for as long as she can. She describes her project to be a 'conversation starter' as her weekly posts are questioning the appearance of women's naked chests on social media. The posts are accompanied by the hashtags #DoIHaveBoobsNow #FreeAllBodies and #GirlsLikeUs, along with the still existing #FreeTheNipple.

I see what she is trying to do and in a way it is intriguing to see for how long it will be accepted, but we all know that it would still take a lot for social media like Instagram to accept the appearance of female breasts online. I am not sure what to think about it all. I'm a woman and as much as I understand the intention of posting the female body on social media, although I'm not sure I would do it myself. It is a bold statement but it seems a little extreme.

It will be around a year from when Courtney's physique will resemble a woman's as much as it can. Until then she will keep challenging social media to see how they react to the non stereotypical appearance of a woman. A couple of her posts have already been removed but she argues that there could not be a reason to, as she still has a man's chest. The development will happen slowly but by next year it is more than likely that her topless posts will no longer exist, despite some very supportive fans. It is a brave statement on her part but I doubt social media will be making any exceptions.

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