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Fastlane Is Twitter Fabric's Newest Member

After just one year in the making, Felix Krause is pleased to announce that his self built project Fastlane is now part of Twitter's Fabric, a mobile developing platform. The young developer is overwhelmed by the success of Fastlane since its launch and says 'I never imagined how many people would use it'. He also didn't expect it to be a full time job but that is exactly what it was and now with the support of Twitter he can finally take the time needed to develop it further.

Fastlane is used to develop apps and test them. This has been available on iOS since last year but now Twitter have acquired it, they are in the process of making it Android compatible. The beta version should now be complete and developers will be able to use it both on iOS and Android. Krause had been hoping for this to happen and more plans for new features are being put forward as we speak. Its newest tool is Scan, making it simpler for developers to test their projects and not involve a third test runner. Krause is positive that this is a huge advancement and new users are being encouraged to begin using Fastlane now. For existing users, things are only going to get better.

Twitter has a variety of tools in Fabric including Crashlytics, a tool used to report any crashes in your apps. Fabric is increasing its market and has become without a doubt the best place to be to create your own apps and develop them yourself. The addition of Fastlane is just a step closer to another Twitter success, progressing not only for iOS but also Android. Twitter needs this as they could do with regaining a bit of credibility with some developers. They are broadening their market and Krause is now able to focus solely on Fastlane, giving it his full attention which will bring quicker, more efficient solutions to app building and testing.

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