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Facebook Voted #1 for Online Advertising

Augusto Scudieri
A new report from eMarketer has deemed Facebook the best social media platform for company advertising. The 'Big Three' social media sites - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - plus the 'Emerging Three', Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest have been vetted against one another on categories such as ROI, creative capabilities and ad targeting. Executives from 29 companies got involved to grade the social media sites for their effectiveness. The report, entitled "Social Advertising Effectiveness Scorecard: Industry Execs Grade the Leading Platforms", proved that Facebook was most valuable mainly due to its ability to target specific markets and consumers, but also highlighted the best qualities of the other sites. For example, key analyst Debra Aho Williamson said that Pinterest's unique selling point is "its strong connection with commerce and purchase intent", that Snapchat has "strong creative capability" and Twitter was good for measuring analytics and building brand awareness.

The charts shows that the sites were scaled A+ through to F on different areas of efficacy. The executives involved told eMarketer that the tools available to monitor the success of social media campaigns has improved, but still has a way to go.

Facebook generated $11.5 billion in ad revenue last year alone. It is expected that with their entry into video advertising their return on investment looks likely to increase, as will their power as a digital marketing tool continue to grow.

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