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Facebook Mobile Update Introduces Profile Videos and More

The minds over at Facebook are constantly looking for new ways to tweak and tinker with their platform, often infuriating their user-base in the process with unwanted and unnecessary additions. Sure, we often grow to like the changes but the last time Facebook implemented an overhaul on profile pages, hordes of users reacted less amicably than Facebook would have liked. It all settled down in the end and we got used to it and moved on. Now, with their latest update, they have set their sights on your profile once again.

Quite a few features have been added or edited with the update. Many of these are small changes, such as the addition of a 'Short Bio' at the top of your profile, where you can attempt to sum yourself up in one line of text, or the moving of the profile image itself to the centre of your screen to make it more prominent. Both of these changes, thankfully, do have sense behind them. You can also select up to 5 'Featured Photos' to display near the top of your profile in order to better display your personality and preferences. All of these features are fully customisable and can be hidden completely if your prefer.

Another new feature also allows for 'timed' profile pictures. If you want to mark an event or support a cause, you can now set temporary profile pictures that will revert back to the previous image at a set time. Facebook themselves suggest that this tool be used to "support your team in the week leading up to the big game, commemorate a special milestone like a birthday or vacation or show off a great #tbt picture", but I'm not so sure that advertising your absence and your empty property online is the best idea... Still, on the whole it seems a good little addition to the ever-popular platform.

The big news here, however, is the ability to substitute your mundane profile picture for a looping profile video. This will certainly liven up your profile, and allow you to showcase a little more of your personality. Facebook, after all, is meant to be about forming connections and sharing experiences with friends, a goal which this quirky addition should help to reaffirm. The slight unfortunate downside is that your news feed will likely become cluttered with distracting video clips as everyone rushes to make use of the fun new feature. I would also expect loading times to be affected by the influx of extra data to process, although I'm sure Facebook have thought about that and taken measures to prevent any issues.

It does, finally, seem as though Facebook have learnt from previous mistakes and delivered a helpful, interesting update that actually enhances the user experience, rather than diminishing it.

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