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Facebook Are Testing a Dedicated Video Feed

Facebook's testing of new features seems to have moved from constant to endless in recent months. They've been making inroads in advertising, shopping, emoting, and now video has been given a big leg-up in the form of a dedicated feed. Said feed, in its current form, replaces the Messenger tab on the mobile app (although the final version probably won't be there) and allows you to scroll through different channels for friends, liked pages and videos that are trending. You can also see lists of previously watched or bookmarked ones.

On the main landing page you can scroll through all the channels vertically and individual channels horizontally, which is pretty neat, since it means that most of the videos you'd likely be interested in watching are readily available without having to load a new page. This means you could start watching one video, pause it and watch another without having to worry about tabbing out or finding your place again.

Facebook have been trying to make video more prominent on their platform for a while now and it hasn't really come together yet. The addition of a floating video feature was an enticing promise that we've yet to see on a wider scale and their dedicated player, whilst functional, is still pretty limited when you compare it to something like YouTube or Vimeo. Facebook aren't minded to compete directly with either of those two, they're more about making video content a fluid, intrinsic part of news feed scrolling, hopefully increasing their output of paid, original content in the process.

What they're also after is ad content, Facebook is already the single most attractive platform for advertising at the moment thanks to its hulking user base and billions of daily views and an increase in scope for video advertising will only have them salivating even more.

Some of the functions which feature prominently in this new mode are already accessible, like the ability to save videos for later watching, or the suggested videos feature, but neither one is really being utilised to its full potential yet. Ultimately it's all geared towards video discovery, rather than the library format developed by YouTube, so it's difficult to really say how it will all turn out by point of comparison, but  it's good to see that Facebook aren't just aping ideas that have been refined by other platforms already.

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