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#ExtremePhonePinching Trend Showcases Online Stupidity

We've covered a fair amount of social media trends here at Social Songbird. Some, like the ever-mentioned ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, served a purpose or promoted something worthwhile. Others, including the 'Belly-Button' and 'Collarbone' challenges, highlighted a worrying body-image obsession. The latest to emerge ditches all pretence of having any point to it at all, and instead serves only to advertise to the world just how dim people are capable of being.

The unapologetically stupid craze, started by indie pop band Twenty One Pilots, basically consists of holding your phone by only pinching the very edge, and then suspending it over drains, canyons or any other equally inaccessible or dangerous location, hoping beyond hope that you don't drop your phone and cost yourself a fortune, then uploading your exploits under the hashtag #ExtremePhonePinching.

Here is the video that started it all:

After that, it didn't take long for the trend to spread:

See what I mean? Stupid, pointless and, for many, expensive.

I suppose we should be thankful that, this time around, it's usually just their phones that these braincell-deprived individuals are putting at risk, but some are risking serious injury or worse as they stretch out over cliff edges with their phone in hand, looking as though they're barely keeping themselves, let alone their phones, from taking the fast route down a few hundred metres. The whole thing stinks of pure desperation for attention as people continue to do anything for their 15 minutes in the social media spotlight.

On the bright side, at least when they do slip up and send their phone hurtling downwards into oblivion, it spares the rest of us from seeing any more of their stupid antics posted online for a few days while they wait for their replacement. However, it must be noted that the lengths to which these individuals will go to be in on the latest craze often go far beyond any sensible thought. The modern obsession with gathering as many likes and followers as possible, regardless of any expense either monetary or physical, is a worrying symptom of the digital age, and one that really needs to stop before people go too far.

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