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Doom To Be Available On Apple Watch

Apparently, anyone, or at least any boy over the age of 16 will have played Doom. It was the first game to develop first person shooting and bring it into mainstream. 'Basically you shoot a load of monsters with lots of guns' was the response I got when asking what the game was about. Pretty decent answer if you ask me. At least I know now.

What Facebook developers are hoping to achieve is the use of the game on the new Apple Watch. The game has been accessible on everything from a phone to a calculator for years already, why not bring it to a new type of screen. You can even play it on your television using the remote. It is not an easy task as they are having to adapt all the code to fit this minuscule screen. I may not understand all technical aspects to it, but this certainly appears to be a little over the top. If you think about it they have in fact been in these shoes before. The original game was an absolute success but it took a lot of work and development. They did it once so why not do it now, pushing the boundaries once again. After its release people were blown away by the precision and reality of the game. It was 'scary'. It may be hard to believe but to someone who had never experienced anything like it before it could have been somewhat life changing. The same happened when cinema first existed, people couldn't believe the reality of the picture and found themselves even running away from the screen. Now adapting this old game to a watch for crying out loud, we are experiencing that similar first time feeling as all those people in 1992.

They are also hoping that by doing this, and other projects along the same lines, that the sale of the watches might actually increase. Why not take the chance? If Apply have been disappointed by how little they have sold, what is the problem with adding a few features that people might find more attractive? It is a difficult one as it seems like a lot of faff for such a small device, but it is after all one of the most popular games there are.

It is really not about it being playable on the Apple device, it is just to say that you can play it on there. Even though the version is a basic one, the team still managed to get it on a screen the size of a watch and that is saying something. We have to admire their determination as they have lived up to, or close enough, to their expectations. And watch out (no pun intended) soon for hell let loose on Mars as the new 2016 release of Doom will be available on PS4 and Xbox One. It would seem that we are witnessing the rebirth of an old classic.

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