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Web Ban to Tackle Extremism to be Proposed by David Cameron

The Telegraph

David Cameron is expected today to reveal plans to ban hate preachers from using the internet and from working with children. In a bid to shut down extremism, the Prime Minister is putting forward new proposals that will inhibit the platforms available to these radicals to influence younger generations. These 'extremism disruption orders' provide a blacklist of groups and individuals subject to the ban whose social media use will be curtailed in order to prevent home-grown terrorism. This is just the latest in Cameron's campaign to fight this issue; he has already pledged 5m towards charities committed to providing "credible alternate narratives".

According to David Cameron and Theresa May, radicalisation is a problem that can only be overcome with the help of Muslim communities. In a post published to Facebook, the politician called for a "positive alternative" to extremist propaganda that is allowing for a "warped interpretation of theology and scripture". He believes these will show "the boy in East London or the girl in Birmingham how proud you can feel to be both British and Muslim, without conflict or contradiction". 

The Prime Minister's mission to create a cohesive society in Britain is no doubt a complex one, but these new measures will hopefully be a step in the right direction.

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