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#Barbie Remodelled to Support #FemaleEmpowerment

Barbie is back with an ambitious bang to alter parent's perception of the brand. Makers Mattel have released their first spot in conjunction with BBDO in a bid to redefine the iconic doll and counter concerns that Barbie promotes a negative female stereotype.

Evelyn Mazzocco, global SVP and general manager of Barbie, told Adweek that the latest campaign is part of an "ongoing brand evolution that is designed to encourage parents to reappraise the role Barbie can play in [a] child's life" - a brand revolution the company is no doubt hoping will reverse declining sales that have been thwarting them for the past four years.

In the ad, young girls are seen acting out roles in professional jobs such as a lecturer, veterinarian, businesswoman and sports coach in real-world environments.The spot is undeniably uplifting - not to mention quite funny - and doesn't reveal its identity as a Barbie plug until the very end.

The beginning of this year had already seen somewhat of a Barbie revolution in the form of a new range of diverse dolls; this included 78 new styles with 8 different skin tones to keep up with changing demographics and increasing cultural diversity in America. However, the company is yet to see this reflected positively in sales for the first half of the year. Nonetheless, Mattel remains ambitious and hopes that this new ad will be yet another step in the bid to "convert parents into brand advocates". I'm sure it is no coincidence that the spot's release coincides with the run up to the all-important festive season too.

Somewhere along the line in the brand's 56 years of production, the message and image that Barbie emulates has been lost and/or misconceived - or so Mattel will have you believe. Mazzocco continued to say the following:-
We want to remind the world what Barbie stands for. Founded by a female entrepreneur and mother in 1959, the Barbie brand has always represented the fact that women have choices. This ongoing initiative is designed to remind today’s parents that through the power of imagination, Barbie allows girls to explore their limitless potential.
Enough ado. Judge for yourself as to whether Mattel hit the mark.

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