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App Anonymity - Tor Announce the Release of iOS Software

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If you're unfamiliar with Tor, let me break it down - beneath the surface of the standard, monitored internet, there's another level. This is called the darknet, a place which is far harder to track or regulate by the government or anybody else. It's where people go to order drugs, sell drugs, advertise various illegal activity or at worst - make and distribute child pornography. There are plenty of more legal, less appalling reasons to use it, and when you do, Tor's Onion browser is the one you want to stick with.

There are other, more sophisticated darknet browsers on the market, as well as tool which enable you to mask your VPN, but if you're getting into that level of sophistication, you probably are doing something illegal, else you wouldn't need to bother. The main aim is to offer people a mobile browsing service which assures security from online monitoring, as many people have become wary of it even during normal, day-to-day surfing. Revelations about email tracking, and the things brought to light be Edward Snowden have a lot to do with this surge in privacy concern.

This new, lite version of their browser will be compatible with iOS 9 and above, but no exact release date has yet been put in place. It's worth noting that the browser has been available on Android for a few years, but given the rather unreasonably stern parameters apps need to pass through to get onto Apple's approved list, this is a bigger deal. Many governmental firms have made it abundantly clear that they aren't cool with the widening availability of darknet browsing, but Apple have said that they support it, as even beyond basic privacy worries, it's essential for some types of journalist, or anyone who works with confidential material.

Beyond this, technological development relies heavily upon encryption. If you're developing software on a network which isn't secure, the risk of having sensitive material stolen, or duplicated, is very real. This is likely where much of the tech industries investment in Tor stems from, but whatever their motivation, the support will certainly yield a lot of positive progression.

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