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#Vine #Music and New Doodling #App #Byte

As of last Friday, you can now add looping music to your Vine videos. The music will be selected and licensed by Vine so you can easily pick and choose the track to go with your six-second video. You can’t add your own music – instead, after shooting a video, you’ll be able to look through a selection of songs that Vine has picked out. You can place the song over your clip however you like. ‘Snap to Beat’ is a new feature which will automatically trim the music and video so that the audio loops as smoothly as it can.

Avicii, Migos, and Odesza are among the first artists to appear in Vine’s Featured Tracks. Vine is also pitching the feature as a new way to discover music. When a video includes one of the tracks, a music note will appear next to it that you can tap to get information on the song and artist. Artists can include a link to their social media profile, website, or a music store.  

Co-founder of Vine Dan Hofmann released his newest app, Byte, from a private beta test on Thursday. Users start with a blank screen which they can doodle on with a coloured pen tool. You can add images and videos on top, as well as gifs, text and music. Users can also see a live feed of doodles, as well as the most liked. Every Byte has its own customisable url, so you can share your creations online or in the app. Byte encourages collaboration, and will let you ‘remix’ another person’s Byte. Another feature, the app launcher, lets you pull in content from other apps – for example, Weather lets you add the weather of any location, and Imgur lets you pull in images from Imgur. The Verge reports that Byte is ‘like Vine and Instagram on acid.’

Some brands may have already tapped into the app – one doodle featured Applebee’s logo and dancing chicken tenders. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has endorsed Byte via Twitter. Twitter bought Vine in 2012 for an estimated $30 million.

For now, Byte is available on iOS and desktop. 

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