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Victoria Beckham Ends up Being the Best and Worst Thing About New York Fashion Week

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Since The Spice Girls broke up, almost throwing the very fabric of the universe out of balance, Victoria Beckham has gradually been fashioning herself into one of the most influential figures in fashion. A huge factor in her success thus far (apart from, y'know, already being famous), has been her refusal to include size 0 models in her catwalk shows. At the time when she made this laudable decision, she said she wanted to promote a healthy, realistic image of beauty. It's an example a lot of other designers could learn a lot from.

Evidently, mind-bendingly, Beckham is now one of them. Despite dominating pretty much all the social media feeds going, edging out even far more widely followed designers like Michael Kors, Beckham ended up staring down the barrel of a massive online lambasting after arriving armed with a battalion of disturbingly underweight models. The moment that caused a particularly nauseous stir came when she closed the show with the 17-year-old Peyton Knight, who is only just old enough to quality for catwalk appearances, but has been modelling since age 11 and has carried a reputation for being unhealthily skinny more or less since then.

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Beckham has offered no response of any kind to this, even making a point of thanking Knight for her involvement on Twitter and Instagram. The timing of this is even worse when you consider that one of the most talked about, circulated stories to come from New York Fashion Week this year was the involvement of Ashley Graham, a size 16 model who lead a catwalk lingerie show which exclusively consisted of plus size models. The show was broadcast on Periscope under the hashtag #IAmSizeSexy, which then went on to trend like a slow loris in a minion outfit.

It's possible that, in truth, Beckham's overwhelming success on social media during the convention was actually fed by all the anger she stirred up with her skeleton crew, analytics don't tend to differentiate between positive trending and negative trending. Was this part of some cynical strategy to gain more exposure? That's a bit of a reach, but it's fair to suggest that the criticism will likely have little to no effect on the way Beckham organises her shows. It's a shame, fashion needs health-conscious ambassadors now more than ever, but hopefully the very nature of trending culture, and the prevalence of social media savvy people like Ashley Graham, will help push things further in the right direction.

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