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Using Snapchat for Social Media Marketing

There are many ways in which Snapchat has developed since it was released but I never expected it to be used for work. Here are a few ways that Snapchat could be useful for you and your business.

If used appropriately the app can promote your company. A good tutorial for example is a brilliant way to get started. Stay focused on your objective and you could give your company a pretty successful image. By doing this you are allowing people to understand what it is that you do and how they can stay connected, following you step by step as you post.

Another way to get people's attention might be to show a side to the company that they wouldn't usually have access to. Filming behind the scenes can be very beneficial for many as they might be interested in knowing how things work backstage. Don't forget to always stay linked to your other social media websites too as that will be a way to reinforce your campaign.

The more creative you are, the better. People will stay tuned if the series of snaps or story are appealing. Always encourage them to go to your Twitter or Facebook page for even more information. One way of doing that is by not completing a story on Snapchat, leading your viewers to your webpages for the rest of the information. This is also a great opportunity to be a bit more casual or give the videos a funny tone. It is after all a social app, so use it as one. Obviously it is impossible to reply to all your followers, but every now and again it could be really useful. Show them that you care about what they have to say too and try and take on board any suggestions they might have. You will be able to keep their attention that way for future posts.

To stay tuned with what your followers enjoy, you could suggest they screenshot the snaps that are the most useful to them, allowing you to keep note of what is working and what needs to be improved. Your viewers are the customer, if they do not enjoy the way you are promoting, listen to them. This still a new way to market but the more you get involved, the more confident you will get.

Now, keep snapping and try new things!

One of the newest members of The SMF Group. Although she loves a good city life, she grew up in the beautiful French countryside. Who knew that talking to a bunch of cows and friendly chickens would get her here? Quite used to writing stories in her bedroom, she is now deciding if she's cut out for content writing. We'll see! Follow her @SophieAtSMF

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