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#US #Gang Leave #Electronic Trail of Evidence That Leads to Several #Arrests

So apparently posing for selfies with firearms and bragging about your illegal exploits on social media is pretty risky business, as one Detroit gang discovered the hard way.

The 'Band Crew' low-level crime syndicate - who authorities say are culpable of crimes such as robbery, attempted murder and drug-related offences - had been sharing their activities on Facebook and YouTube in a bid to impress peers, intimidate rivals and, well, show off. This had made the gang, (who formed in Burger King of all places, sooo gangsta) sitting ducks for police who were monitoring several users of the site. Subsequently, 8 criminals were indicted this week: the names and charges of which have been published by the Detroit Free Press.

Dr Daniel Isom, a professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Missouri, states that as social media networks, and the internet less specifically, are "the new frontier of our community and also crime", this is proving hugely beneficial to law enforcement. As he explains, "Phones, tweets and other information can relate real time to law enforcement agencies to follow up on investigations". As thousands of videos of criminal behaviour are recorded and shared everyday, sometimes even by the offenders themselves, officers have a myriad of implicating material available to them at the click of a button.

As reported by CSMonitor.com, of 600 law enforcement agencies surveyed across the United States, 95% reported using social media to create undercover identities, monitor suspect's accounts and gather clues from the public. Of that 95%, 79% said that social media had helped solved crimes

Of all the social media platforms aiding in the pursuit of law-breakers, Facebook is undoubtedly the most effective. And, surprise surprise, it is primarily the criminals incriminating themselves. One man was arrested shortly after 'liking' his own wanted ad. In addition, a woman from Illinois was arrested after posting a selfie in a dress she had recently stolen. Another naive felon, who taunted police via Facebook in response to their #WantedWednesday campaign with claims that "ya'll will never catch me", was arrested after being identified the very next day. D'oh!

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