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Twitter Board Members Severely Scolded for Not Actually Tweeting

It's probably a fairly easy mistake to make, when you think about it. You spend all day pouring over Twitter analytics, managing HR or whatever it is you do and all you're seeing all day is 'Twitter, Twitter, tweeted, tweeting, harassment lawsuit, Twitter, tweet, tweet'. What's the one thing likely to be furthest from your mind? Actually tweeting from your own sodding account. If you worked at an ice cream parlour, chances are you wouldn't be that fussed about eating ice cream on a regular basis.

In this case though, according to Twitter investors, it is a big deal. As such, an analyst from SunTrust named Robert Peck has sent a note to Twitter outlining just how active the board members actually are on the platform. One of the members of the search committee has only tweeted 98 times. Even more shockingly, another non-committee board member has only tweeted 8 times. Interim CEO Jack Dorsey is well in the lead with over 17,000 to his name, with the other members ranging from the mid hundred to the early thousands.

Business Insider
The less frequent tweeters also seem to have comparatively low amounts of shares, which has led to the suggestion that they aren't going to remain on the board for very much longer, and that the hiring of a new CEO will result in a total board reshuffle. The greater implication is that Twitter isn't invested enough in bringing tech-savvy, active staff to the top of the hierarchy, which is a sign of poor management. All of this relates back to an acute need for a new, permanent CEO, which Peck's statement goes on to directly address, and address angrily.

"Over 100 Days is Too Long. Several weeks back, we thought the CEO search was finally coming to an end and that a decision was imminent – we were wrong." Peck says. "We are stunned that we have now passed over 100 days since the announcement of the former CEO’s resignation, particularly since the board had discussions with him about stepping down since Dec." It's not a good sign, Peck is basically outlining a lack of transparency from Twitter and suggesting that perhaps Jack Dorsey doesn't have as much support from with the company as is being made out. The effective bollocking of the board members for not using their accounts more is just the icing on the cake.

Whatever actually ends up happening, Twitter are under immense pressure to hit the accelerator on the CEO search. Their stock is already in danger and the news that Instagram's user base has blasted past them is only going to make their investors even more uncomfortable. It's felt like, since Dorsey stepped in, very little actual positive change has been made. They cannot continue to drag their feet or backers will start to drop out left, right and centre.

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