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Top Apps of the Month - August 2015

Summer has come to an end already so to help keep your chin up as you head back to school/work, here are the top apps from August. 

For Gamers

Five Nights at Freddy's 4
iOS & Android

Oh yeah. Freddy's back.

If you haven't heard about Five Nights at Freddy's before, it's an indie game designed by a guy called Scott Cawthon and it's aim is to make you jump.

The game sounds simple: point and click at the evil robots and you won't get caught.

But you're in the dark and there are creepy animatronics coming from all angles and they're faster and smarter than you.

Scott has set this one up to be the scariest so far, and it doesn't seem to disappoint.

The graphics are better, there is more to do, more places to patrol and more than ever to be afraid of. 

I have been waiting for this since March.

Warning: You will die. 

Angry Birds 2
Android & iOS

If dying an early death didn't sound like your cup of tea, why don't you try Angry Birds 2?

Now, I thought there had already been an Angry Birds 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 357. But apparently not. I guess the Star Wars themed ones don't count, right?

The game is still about sling shotting colourful birds at green pigs and the basic rules still apply.

There are 20 new levels and they look a little more complex. The graphics are better and there are some scheming boss piggies to take down.

This game can never get old and it's free! What's not to like?

For Techies  

VHS Camcorder 

Long story short: VHS Camcorder makes videos on your iPhone look like they came straight outta the 80s, we talked about it last week but it's so good we can't skip it out of the Top Apps.  

It's so strange because we spent the best part of 35 years making our video quality better and better… and now we're just going backwards. This app may not be the way you want to film everything – but it certainly is good for a bit of old fashioned, hipster fun.

Trick all your pals and send them home videos from the not so distant past with this funky and unusual app.  

Pimp Your Screen
Apple users have been watching Android users with jealousy flashing in their eyes for a few years now. The colours, the widgets, the personalisation. It was all too much. But they wouldn't accept defeat, their iPhone was near perfection.

And now finally, it is.

The one thing the prestigious iPhone lacked was a way to jazz things up a bit, this so obvious and yet a brand new app has come in and saved the day.

This posh wallpaper app could make or break our iPhone's luscious looks. Let's wait and see! 

For the Image Conscious 


iOS & Android

Want to look your "Hollywood Best?" 

Well then this is the selfie editor for you. 

It may be a bit pricier than what you're used to, but you do get more tools for your money over apps like Instagram. 

You can air brush your skin, whiten those pegs, remove acne, blemishes, eye bags and more! 

On top of these clever brushes, you have your normal filters and effects. You can blur nicely and even use themed editing suites, like the 1950's Hollywood Glam tool! 

It's a very smart app and helps make professional edits which are affordable too! 

Couch to 5k Runner
iOS & Android

There are a lot of these apps floating about at the moment all charging different amounts. The one we're on about is by Fitness22 and it is free, so make sure you go for the official app! 

With the summer coming to an end, the cooler weather is approaching....that and the thought of Christmas. This is the best time to get in shape. It's not too hot and it's not too cold and imagine a guilt free Christmas? 

The app is perfect for beginners. It gives you a starting point: the sofa...and a finishing point: running 5k...and a time frame: 8 weeks.

The layout is simple and easy and it's kind of addictive when you know what you're aiming for. It's not very often I refer to exercise as addictive either.

You can have your music pumping and the coach will tell you when to walk and when to run. 

So go forth and get fit (so you can eat more Christmas pud this December).

YouCam Makeup - Virtual Makeover Studio, Social Beauty Tips and Cosmetic Tutorials
iOS & Android

There is nothing bigger on the internet right now than makeup tutorials. Well maybe cat videos. But makeup tutorials are pretty big too! 

At first, I thought, what on earth does the modern woman lack and therefore need...from a phone... when it comes to health and beauty?

But it's actually really cool. There's a special camera that gives you a live makeover and it can be good for inspiration (if not just a bit of fun). You can even change the colour of your eyes and hair! It's crazy. We had great fun in the office with this one.

I thought I came to work with basic makeup and brown hair and brown eyes. Next thing I knew...

I was a cat. With purple hair. 

This app also features similar (but not as good) tools as Facetune: teeth whitener, blemish remover, etc.

For the Number Crunchers

iOS & Android

Numerous is for those organised souls who need all those important numbers in one place. You can connect this app to external software like FitBit and Google Sheets to compile one huge database, ranging from your weight/fitness goals, to your finances, to your social media, calendar or even the next big event!

You can connect it with "public numbers" if you have a common interest with other users and you can share your own numbers, if they're not too private! 

Notifications will let you know of any radical changes so you don't have to spend your life worrying, your phone can do it all for you! 

This app is also available on Apple Watch.

For the Creative Ones



We all know GIFs are so in right now. But we're not all talented enough to make one ourselves. 

Giffiti supplies you with a smorgasbord of well known internet animations which you can then place onto a photo from your camera roll.

You can add the infamous doge, Britney Spears and more characters, all doing funny poses/faces. My personal favourite is the Homer Simpson in a giant pizza. 

The app is so simple to use and surprisingly effective. Plus Giffiting isn't actually a crime, like graffiti, so maybe this will even deter some young minds away from the criminal lifestyle. Who knows?

For the Social Butterflies




Pixcall is a Snapchat type app, which invites your contacts into a "simultaneous photo shoot." Like Snapchat, it's a photo based way of socialising, perfect for those friends who you aren't quite close enough with to call, but good enough friends that you miss them when they're not around.

So, Pixcall makes an event and you choose a name for it and what contacts to send it to. You then pick a time and then at that time, the whole group's cameras just take a pic! It's mad! You get notifications that the time is approaching at 30 mins before, 1 minute before and 10 seconds. 

Then, every single one of those pictures taken can be viewed individually. You can pop them into a collage or keep the moment forever and share it on social media. 

But again, like Snapchat, the photos will be deleted after 24 hours if you don't save them! 

Wishbone - Compare Anything

iOS & Android

Okay, so Wishbone is a strange new form of social networking, but it's one sure fire way to learn more about your friends! 

You get a "Daily Dozen" which is just 12 quick paced, easy to answer questions about your preferences. Today mine were: "Warp Speed or Jet Pack?" I chose jet pack. Next I got "Do you have more dreams or nightmares?" I said dreams. "Astronaut or scuba diver?" Scuba. You get the jist right? When you answer you get told the percentage of other people who went the same way as you.

You can then go into the "community" section and answer more questions or you can compare how your friends have answered the same questions as you.

The questions aren't all general though, they can be anything from current TV shows, to celebrities to food, I got asked "Krispy Kremes or Starbucks" once... er, Krispy Kremes? Hello? 

It can ask you anything..

Hope you all enjoy the apps this month and tune in next month to get more! 

Megan Herdson
Megan is a country girl who moved to the city with some big dreams. She is studying her MA in Creative Writing whilst also managing an American Football Team.  She loves her blog and wants nothing more than to have her words read. That and to win the Championship, obviously. Follow her @MeganAtSMF

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