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#theVIBE - #US #College Opens a Centre for #SocialMedia Expertise

Demand for an understanding of social media for business has never been higher, and it's only being demanded more with each passing year. Various different companies offer advice, consultancy and training packages (our partners included) but new approaches to the issue are being dreamt up all the time. The latest is #theVIBE, an honest to goodness centre for social media expertise founded by Centenary College in New Jersey.

The name is certainly fitting, if a bit silly sounding. Once open, the courses centre will offer will include the study of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms, primarily geared towards small, localised business start-ups. In terms of course structure, students can take a degree in business administration with a particular focus on social media or combine it with another course as a minor. There is a pure, dedicated certificate, but it's not a full degree and is more aimed at professionals. These include Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, Digital Analytics and Social Media Strategy and Consulting.

The college's main boast seems to be the addition of social media to the business degree, since they claim that their research uncovered no other schools which administered the same approach. The building itself, like the name, seems to be adopting the kind of new-age feel which has become synonymous with tech business, with an exposed brick motif, modular furniture and a 'bring your own device bar'. Basically a bar which you can bring your laptop to and feel maybe 8% less awkward about it.

As well as courses, they will be offering free consultancy to small, local businesses looking to increase their social media reach. The aim seems to be not only education, but increasing the scope of social media in and around New Jersey. This is a trend that many expect to continue exponentially. Demand for staff with social media expertise in business has reportedly risen by over 1000% in the past 5 years and new companies are springing up which operate almost entirely across those platforms. A deep, vested understanding of them from a business perspective is fast becoming an essential skill.

Callum is a film school graduate who is now making a name for himself as a journalist and content writer. His vices include flat whites and 90s hip-hop. Follow him @CallumAtSMF

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