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The Pope is Coming to Town

The build up to his arrival has been intense. After days of anticipation the Pope has set foot in America. And in his words "God Bless America". In the few days leading up to his arrival Twitter went hashtag crazy with #WalkWithFrancis, as they got ready to greet him.

The movement quickly spread its word, gathering thousands of people all over the US. People started tweeting pictures and videos, all showing how excited they were to finally see him. As he pulled up in his black Fiat 500 Country a few days ago, he waved and did a few thumbs up through the window. Casual. Barack Obama even tweeted about his arrival in DC to do a speech for Act On Climate.

The United States of America seem to have stopped all usual activity to be apart of this once in a lifetime occasion. #PopeInDC is now at over 855K tweets and counting. A young girl has even written Pope Francis a letter. She ran towards him as he was parading in DC, and she happened to be just close enough to reach him. In her letter to him she expresses how the thought of her parents being deported scared her and that made her sad. They were illegal immigrants, but she could not bare the thought of being taken away from them. She was hoping to seek Pope Francis' guidance and reassurance and reminds him not to forget young children who are victims of violence or who have been separated from their families.

Religion is a big part of people's lives and being able to even see him from a distance, Pope Francis is the answer to all these people's prayers. He brings hope to those who need it, restoring their faith. I may not be a practitioner myself but I have to respect those who have enough space in their lives to remain faithful to religion and to him.

As he continues his travels, more and more videos of his speeches are being posted, showing their support and love for him. He is also showing his love for all as he greets the people of Washington.

The Pope himself is a Twitter user as he asks people for their prayers for his upcoming journeys in the US and Cuba. His tweets are often inspirational posts, helping those who might need it. Who would have thought? He certainly seems to have inspired thousands as we watch more and more tweets pop up.

Amongst the thousands tweeting at this very second, one woman was captured enjoying the moment the old way. I leave you with her as she stands and watches the Pope drive by, in absolute awe.

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