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The First #Dedicated #Twitter #Emoji Goes to... #CocaCola

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Stop the friggin' presses. The first dedicated emoji on Twitter to be awarded to a corporation has wound up in the hands of coca-cola, the single most successful brand in the world, in advertising terms. It seems a little bit unfair, like giving Rambo a gunship. He really doesn't need one, guys.

The emoji itself is just a simplistic, cartoon rendition of two of the glass coke bottles, leaning towards each other. The actual Coke insignia isn't present on them, but the vague impression of the red and white label is more than enough to make it obvious what you're looking at. Like other Twitter emojis, it can be summoned by posting a specific hashtag, in this case #shareacoke, which has been the banner motto for the drink for a few years now. I guess it's easier to market friendship than excess caffeine and tooth decay.

Typically, Coke haven't just left it at that, instead recruiting two big-time Vine stars (Ethan Dolan and Hayes Grier, whoever the hell they are) to promote it by encouraging their followers to use the hashtag. Supposedly they're promising follows or a message in return for doing this, but depending on the size of the response they get, they might have to go back on that pledge pretty quickly.

It seems like it's actually Twitter who stand to benefit from this, rather than Coke, since they're being given the opportunity to test a new feature, aided by one of the most, if not the most successful marketing department on the planet. Seeing Coke roll out with this will also be extremely enticing for other companies looking to strengthen their presence on Twitter. You'll probably start seeing more branded 'hashflags' almost immediately after this.

Twitter have tried similar things before but never on a corporate level. There are EPL ones, Star Wars ones and a set was introduced to promote the VMAs. It's probably best to enjoy this early, relatively reserved period while it lasts, because before long Twitter will undoubtedly be swarming with hashflags as companies climb over each other to stake their claim on this new territory.

Callum Davies

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