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#SuperBloodMoon Lunar Eclipse - Watching The Moon Turn Red


At about 3 o'clock this morning the moon turned blood red as there was the first eclipse of its type since 1982. People all over the country ditched their 'Sunday night is an early night' rule to stay up and watch the beautiful performance.

This morning, thousands of people have been sharing their snaps of the moon in transition using #SuperBloodMoon and #LunarEclipse.

Unlike a solar eclipse, people were able to watch the moon change colour from their back gardens without any eye protection, making it all the more magical. The Americans were the first to benefit from the event as they were able to witness it just after moonrise and until approximately midnight. In Europe, Africa and the Middle East, we had to be a little more patient.

Some more humouristic photographs were taken during the eclipse as people recreated the all time famous image from E.T, with a twist.

This was the last of four eclipses this year. Sadly, those who missed it last night will have to wait until the next Super Moon eclipse on October 8 2033 but those fortunate enough to have seen even a glimpse of it are left feeling a little more amazed by the universe we live in.

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