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#Snapchat Incorporate #NFL into #LiveStories

There are so many ways to get coverage during the NFL season that it can be easy to get utterly overwhelmed. Between Gamepass, all the active social media feeds, the apps and, obviously, TV, we're all pretty well covered, even people like me who have to get it all shipped across the Atlantic. Well, add Snapchat to the list of conduits, as they've made a one-year deal with the NFL which will allow them to use Live Stories as a way to report on games.

This means that each weekend at least one story in the feed will be an NFL game, with Thursday and Monday night games also being featured from time to time. It won't actually be official game footage, since Live Stories are entirely based around user submitted content, but you will still likely see things from the official NFL Snapchat as well as from players and staff. Both parties are also looking to bring advertisers in on it and split the revenue on a partner by partner basis. Think sports apparel brands, energy drinks, that kind of thing.

This is probably a bigger deal for Snapchat than it is for the NFL, since they reportedly pull in $6 billion a year in revenue from TV networks paying to broadcast games. Advertisers will be extremely enticed by the presence of official NFL content on the platform. The level of exclusivity offered by actually having the NFL involved will also draw football fans to Snapchat in their droves, whether they just want a better insight into the goings on around the league or they're looking for any slim advantage they can muster in their fantasy league.

For the NFL's part, it's another chapter in their ongoing bid to optimize their social media presence, similar to their deals with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. No other sport provides better, more comprehensive social media coverage than football and the NFL will be keen to maintain that trend. The Super Bowl is the most watched TV event in the world on a yearly basis and in recent years trending and sharing have become an equally huge factor. Football is a game of drama and grandiosity which lends itself perfectly to the kind of condensed, ephemeral interaction which Snapchat offers.

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