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Snapchat Celebrate Brady's Return with 'Tom is Free' Filter


Oh deflategate, how glad we all are to see the back of you. No matter what you might think about the seemingly endless investigation into the New England Patriots' nefarious dealings at the tail end of last season, I think we can all agree that it's gone on far too long. The damage is done, all anyone wants now is to move into the 2015/16 season without any further hassle.

Happily, that's what's happening, and even more happily for Pats fans, Tom Brady's suspension has been lifted. He'll play from week 1 onwards. Bizarrely, Snapchat has become the front line for festivities as they've made a 'Brady is Free' filter available to Massachusetts users. This has resulted in hundred of exultant people clad in number 12 jerseys punching the air or praising the sun with the words scrawled in bright red, white and blue letters across the image.

There has been just as much buzz elsewhere online, although nothing quite so official as Snapchat's contribution, as Brady has been made the subject of dozens of different memes, both positive and negative. Much like the rest of deflategate, this has been a largely memetic debate.

Arguments against Brady have ranged from the light-hearted (suggesting that the judge had him on his fantasy team) to the boundary pushing (comparisons to OJ Simpson). Possibly my favourite Brady-related Twitter item though, was that a newly tagged great white shark in Cape Cod has been named 'Brady' in honour of the quarterback, throwing out yet another connection between the NFL and sharks. If a third one crops up this officially becomes weird.

What's even weirder is Bauer's offer to daub 'Free Brady 12' on a signature hockey stick for Boston-born Rangers left-winger Chris Krieder, after he came out in support of Brady. The buzz from this will likely start to dry up pretty much as soon as the regular season actually starts. Let's just hope the Pats (and whoever was actually responsible for deflategate) have the good sense to behave themselves this year.

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