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#Sizzl - A #Dating #App for People Who Love #Bacon

I honestly didn't think dating apps could get any weirder. There's already one for people who like to eat at salad bars and another which allows suitors to advertise all the expensive stuff they will buy for people if they agree to date them, but this is on a whole other level. Developed not by some crazed start-up team in a garage that may or may not have previously been a meth lab, but by Oscar Meyer (yes, the hot dog people), Sizzl aims to match up people who have an abiding love for lean cuts of dead pig.

I can completely understand the widespread, burgeoning adoration of bacon, but I never found any tangible link between romance and Wiltshire cure. Admittedly I've never looked for one, where clearly Oscar Meyer have, but it seems like a pretty epic stretch, there is a well defined list of foods that play into romance and even sex but I'd wager that bacon has never appeared on any of them, you can't do the lady and the tramp thing with it and eating it off of somebody else sounds like it would be more at home in a low-budget horror movie.

This being the case, I figured the best thing to do would be to actually give it a go myself. I will admit that doing so felt a tad disingenuous, considering I'm actually a vegetarian, but I used to love bacon and the added air of sneakiness made me feel even more like some kind of infiltrator into the weird world of carnivorous love-seekers. Immediately I got hit with a series of questions about bacon which I simply could not answer, so I got Adam to do it for me. For the purposes of this app, I like crispy bacon, thick cut and if there's a strip left at the end of the date, I'm taking it. I'm not sure I like this alternate version of myself. I bet he's got really bad skin.

After going through that bizarre process I was hit with a platform that was pretty much identical to Tinder. I didn't bother fixing my location (since, funnily enough, I'm not actually planning on going out with any of these people) so I got a pretty wide spread of people from Stockholm to Alexandria to San Francisco. All you get are the photos, initially, and on some more detailed profiles a short bio and a list of bacon parameters ('likes it crispy', 'bacon taker').

If you like the look of someone, you hit the 'Sizzle' button and the screen heats up like a red hot pan, if you don't, you can still 'shake the skillet' to go back if you change your mind. I was half expecting to be met with a series of people posing provocatively with bacon strips in their mouths or neatly slotted between their cleavage like they worked at some kind of strip club twinned with a smokery, but disappointingly it was just the standard series of Facebook profile pictures.

After a while I noticed that basically everyone had picked the same 3 options in the bacon category (prefers pork bacon, likes it crispy, will take the last strip), which suggests that either everyone likes the same kind of bacon, or people were taking it about as seriously as I was. Probably even less, I'm doing this at work. I honestly thought before I booted the app up that it would be a basic ad campaign, trying to steer you towards Oscar Meyer bacon at every possible turn, but it seems like they've taken a serious crack at making this work.

Having similar interests is undeniably important in relationships and I'm not going to say that bacon couldn't be one of them, so in that way, it's really no stranger than any of the other dating apps on the market. If anything it's actually probably more interesting. It's not the first one to pick a particular taste in something as a platform, Tastebuds is based around music and 420mate is structured around weed.

Granted, both of those things cast a far wider net, and have more to do with dating than bacon, but you never know what will ultimately draw you to your soul mate. I do like the idea that 'bacon lovers' are being cited as a definitive subset of society, perhaps one day they will have their own church, praying at the altar of brown sauce, knelt on a bed of hallowed submarine rolls.

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