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Rabid Apple Haters Turn on Apple's First Android App

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Well, that's one of the weirder titles I've ever had to write. Last week Apple unveiled an app called 'Move to iOS' for Android users. The idea is simple - it enables people to quickly and easily transfer all their contact details over from the Android phone to their iPhone, smoothing out the change from one device for another.

It's clearly designed with promotion of Apple products and software in mind, which has provided more than enough motivation for a horde of frothing Apple haters to overwhelm the app's download page on Google Play with an avalanche of negative reviews. I'm not sure that Apple haters is even an accurate term for these people, I don't think a word actually even exists yet, but it would be some kind of shortened version of 'bile spewing backwards lunatics'. And they are legion.

Google Play

So far, over 28,000 1 star reviews have been logged, compared to around 5,000 positive ones presumably logged by people with correctly wired brains. I can understand why people who actively despise Apple would take issue with an app which tries to encourage Android users to make the switch, but the app clearly has a practical application, rather than just being a soulless marketing scheme. I mean, think about it, are Android users going to suddenly start jumping ship in droves just because Apple have made contact transferring a little bit easier?

Suffice to say, judging from the small sample section of the reviews that I scrolled through before the urge to hurl myself off the roof became too overpowering, none of these people have actually used the app. Many of them seem to take particular issue with the inferiority of the App Store by comparison to Google Play, a stance which displays an utter disregard for what the word 'review' actually means. It's like posting a negative review of the latest season of Game of Thrones on Amazon and spending the whole thing complaining about HBO. Granted, it's still not as horrifying as the silent upvoter epidemic, but it's at least a podium finish.

I've never fully understood why Apple, of all people, seem to invite such passionate love and hatred from either sides of the preference fence (or 'preferfence'... Man I'm so sorry). Having a particular disdain for the way a particular range of products is made or works makes sense, sort of, but from the way people talk you'd think that iPhones were made out of crushed baby skeletons and recharge their batteries with shattered fragments of lost souls. Most of these 1 star reviewers seem as if they cannot comprehend any universe where anyone would even vaguely consider moving from Android to Apple, as if opinions which differ from their own simply do not exist. It's not worth trying to understand though, since getting hung up on this is probably one wrung lower in the crazy ladder than actually being one of these people.

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