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Pinterest Team with Topshop to Provide Personalised Colour Palettes

Among the mainstream social networks of today, Pinterest stands out as the place to be for fashion. Only Instagram, also being purely image based, can profess to rival the network in that regard. It stands to reason then, that Pinterest would seek to cement that position and secure their niche.

Their latest partnership, with clothing retailer Topshop, aims to do just that. The general idea is to analyse the colour schemes present in your Pins, then use that information to suggest clothing lines that may appeal to you. When you log in to the Topshop site using your Pinterest details, you can then select any one of your saved boards, at which point the site will analyse all colours present and suggest styles and colour schemes that fit the bill. The end result of the process is known as your 'Pinterest Palette'.


Compared to other nonsensical partnerships that spring up each day, this one actually makes perfect sense. With so many social networks vying for supremacy, Pinterest have made a smart business move in choosing to focus more heavily on the one aspect that separates them from the rest. People don't need 7 networks that all do the same thing, but by promoting Pinterest as the home of fashion online they give the network a purpose in its own right.

It's no coincidence that the feature has launched at this time. As the NYC, Paris, London and Milan Fashion Weeks have been creating a stir on social media, Pinterest are obviously hoping to capitalise on all that buzz.

Initially, only Topshop will be implementing the 'Pinterest Palette' feature, although if it goes well we can expect to see it springing up on more and more retailer's sites.

Sam Bonson

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