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PewDiePie Hits 10 Billion Views, Diamond Minecart Most Popular YouTube Channel

Gaming Reigns Supreme

Composite: YouTube: PewDiePie / TheDiamondMinecart
When discussing YouTube stars and channels, one name that invariably comes up is Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie. The Swedish gamer has been delighting his fans, or 'Bro Army' as he likes to call them, with his videos since 2010 and shows no signs of slowing down. According to his viewing figures, his fans have no desire for him to stop creating videos either.

PewDiePie has held the title of most viewed YouTube channel since he surpassed Rihanna's Vevo in July of 2014, but has now grown his channel to almost unbelievable levels. On September 6th of this year, PewDiePie officially became the first and only YouTube channel to break the 10 billion views mark. That's more views than there are people on Earth!

As it stands, his closest competition comes from FunToyzCollector, which has currently accumulated over 7.8 billion views since starting out in April 2011. Whilst some way off PewDiePie's astounding viewing figures, that's still an incredible number.

But lifetime views is not the only important figure for assessing the popularity of your channel. When it comes to monthly views, PewDiePie falls short in comparison to Brit Daniel Middleton and his own Minecraft focused gaming channel - The Diamond Minecart.

As of July 2015, Middleton has taken the crown of most popular YouTube channel based on monthly views. In July alone, his videos were viewed over 402 million times, closely beating competition from the likes of; WWE (399 million), LittleBabyBum (391 million), BuzzFeedVideo (382 million) and Taylor Swift (380 million), according to the latest data from OpenSlate. The Diamond Minecart is still some way behind PewDiePie overall, with 4.3 billion views since launch, but if Middleton can carry on his current growth he should be up among the top dogs in the future.

Although only one of the top 5 in terms of monthly views is a gaming channel, the fact that the chart-toppers for both lifetime and monthly views revolve around gaming culture speaks a lot about how the industry has blossomed even further in the age of social media and sharing. While some high-profile figures such as Jimmy Kimmel seem unable to understand the appeal of gaming videos, these figures suggest that they are by far the minority.

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