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#NoNosCallarán: Hashtag Protests Brutal Murder of Journalist in Mexico City

#NoNosCallarán (#WeWillNotBeSilenced) is being used to protest the brutal murder of a journalist in Mexico City last month.

Rubén Espinosa, who specialised in covering protests and social movements, fled to the capital to escape harassment in the state of Veracruz, where he worked as a freelance photographer for respected news weekly Proceso. He was found dead in an apartment alongside four women. All had been beaten, tortured, and shot in the head.

Veracruz has been a dangerous place for journalists: 11 have been killed there since 2010, all under governor Javier Duarte. Two others, including Espinosa, were killed outside of the state.

Espinosa is the first to be killed in Mexico City, marking a new level of violence against reporters in Mexico. The capital is a common refuge for reporters who are under threat in their home states, and an agency has been set up by the government to help them. But journalists and press freedom groups have expressed growing anger at the failure of Mexican authorities to protect reporters who dare to speak out against political corruption and organised crime. Advocacy group Article 19 said in an article that authorities charged with protecting reporters like Espinosa failed to lift a finger to help him.

A photograph Espinosa had taken of Duarte featured on the cover of Proceso in February 2014 with the headline ‘Veracruz: lawless state.’ Espinosa had also covered state-wide protests when 43 student teachers vanished last September after an attack by corrupt police officers and drug cartel gunmen. Espinosa was one of a few journalists trusted by the radical movement, and had covered their protests which culminated in a violent police clampdown.

Felix Márquez, a close friend and colleague of Espinosa, said: ‘Rubén’s murder is a clear message to all journalists: there is nowhere safe to go in Mexico: impunity reigns.’ Duarte has refused to acknowledge any link between the murders of 13 journalists since he came to power in 2011.   

A month after Espinosa’s death, 3 international organisations – PEN, Avaaz and The Committee to Protect Journalists – have launched the #NoNosCallarán initiative to help pressure the Mexican government to respond to the brutal killings.

Earlier this week, Mexican newspaper El Universal ran a cover page in all black to show solidarity with the campaign.

Inside ran a letter to President Enrique Peña Nieto pleading for freedom of press, with signatures from more than 600 intellectuals and journalists from 192 different countries, including author Salman Rushdie and Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón.

People around the world are now posting pictures of themselves on Twitter with #NoNosCallarán to show their support of the campaign.

Actor, producer and director Daniel Giménez Cacho:

Actress Ilse Salas:

You can read the full Avaaz petition here.

Aaron Waterhouse

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