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New 'Lifestyle' Apps Prove There's More Keeping Up To Do With The Kardashians


The Kardashian/Jenner clan - to some, idols, to others, an epidemic - seem hell-bent on proving their monopolisation of social media knows no bounds. After already gaining a huge outreach that spans most, if not all, platforms including Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram, these celebrity media magnates have found a new money-grabbing, IQ-reducing medium: a personalised, individual app for each Kardashian sister (minus baby-making-machine Kourtney). The app allows users "unprecedented and exclusive personal access" to their lives. Such a selling-point suggests there is still some fraction of their lives that remains unseen - an idea which appears pretty impalpable. Nonetheless, the apps having been an undeniable success, and stand to earn the girls an approximate additional income of $8million a year. EACH.

For an affordable $2.99 per month - which could just as easily be donated to a more worthwhile cause such as 'Save the Sloths' or, well, anything for that matter - you can saturate your mind with even more obsessive Kardashian stalking.

However, the celebrity sisters may not be laughing their way to the bank just yet. Disgruntled downloaders of the app are already sharing their discontent: Kylie Jenner's app, said to be most popular of all four sisters despite a meagre 2-and-a-half star rating on the App Store, has garnered customer reviews that begin with the likes of "MISLEADING SCAM", "TERRIBLE" and "WORST APP EVER DO NOT DL" (with all capitalisation the work of the original authors). With this in mind, that predicted income figure may just be off the mark. More entertaining than the app itself, and winner of the 'surprisingly intelligent quote of the day' award are the comments of one particular reviewer, who eloquently summarised what most of us are thinking:-

 "I don't want any of my money going to Kylie bleeding Jenner! Plus I could buy 3 yummy Cadbury Crunchie bars for that :) much more satisfying." 

Amen to those with an ounce of common sense.

Katie Gascoyne

SMF rookie, fresh out of academia, looking forward to more creative ventures. With a love of current affairs, green tea and an ever insatiable wanderlust, Katie is ready to have her voice heard. Follow her @KatieAtSMF

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