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Microsoft Pressured as Angry Skype Users Tweet about Worldwide Outage

A huge uproar emerged today as people became frustrated by Skype. Since the early hours of this morning, people across the UK have experienced difficulty using their Skype accounts. Twitter has been overloaded with questions and comments that Microsoft have yet to respond to. 

The majority of those who were lucky enough to sign in found that their contacts appeared offline and that the live chat option was limited, or for some even impossible. Microsoft have duly apologised on the Skype website about the problems that have indeed occurred and stressed that they are doing their best to fix the issue. It is not yet known what is causing this unfortunate malfunction but tweets are now being posted about the whole world being affected by it. Skype is commonly used for work, however jokes have been made about angry gamers who will not be able to go ahead with their usual online gaming sessions tonight.

The app has become such an important accessory to people across the world that RT described the incident as life ruining on Twitter. This leads us to wonder how people used to survive without it, or how they will have to adapt if Microsoft are unable to get rid of the bugs.

Should they find a solution, people will have hopefully found alternative modes of communication until then. Those gamers might just have to wait a little longer as some users are even referencing the Apocalypse caused by SkyNet, from the Terminator films. That seems extreme, but until Microsoft confirm anything I'm open to suggestions.

A more positive note on this somewhat inconvenience, some have been tweeting about how the non-existence of Skype these past few hours has in fact enabled them to have a more productive day. Maybe we should all take an example from them and try to appreciate this down time, moving on with our days. Still, letting our imaginations run wild, why not.

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