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#MenForChoice - Men Choosing To Let Women Choose

The last few days on Twitter have been dominated by #MenForChoice. Pro-choice men all over the world have decided it is time to speak up for women's rights, in particular the one to make their own decisions about abortion. Now, over the years abortion has been frowned upon, especially by religion. However, by doing this, men are not simply accepting abortion, but understanding that for some women it is not an option. The idea being that men are letting women know that whatever decision they make will be the right one.
Those who are stepping up are proud to be a part of the movement. Amongst some of the more negative comments, some tweets are enough to put a smile on anyone's face.

It is heart-warming that men are not ashamed to stand up for what they believe is right, not only for the women in their life but for all women. In spite of these uplifting comments, others are more resentful. Using phrases such as "cowardly allowing it [the killing of the innocent] to continue", friction is created over social media. Reading these statements it would seem that many people foresee it as only allowing abortion, when in fact what the movement is really hoping to achieve is the acceptance of either decision.

Last Friday, big time actor Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk) shared a personal story about what abortion means to him and why it should be a choice. He talked about the suffering his mother endured, being forced into an illegal abortion. He speaks about never wanting to return to a time when "women were seen as second rate citizens". Strong statements like this are one of the reasons so many men have been encouraged to support a woman's decision. A few of Mark Ruffalo's fans tweeted their support on Twitter.

He shows his support by "lending his voice to them". He is one of many celebrities who support #MenForChoice along with Stanley Tucci, who has been known to participate in Women's Rights events.

NARAL, a pro-choice organisation, have been fighting since 1969 for abortion to be legal. They have used Twitter and Facebook to reach as many people as possible. The hashtag #MenForChoice is now trending on their twitter along with #ShoutYourAbortion, both making it easier for women to open up.

The tweets keep coming as more and more people are reached all around the globe. Stories are now being shared about their choice to abort after horrendous circumstances, and others are supporting that decision. This movement is bringing people together in ways that we had always hoped for. At last we are able to move on, living in this modern day.

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